About the BATC

Mission Statement

The Babson Alumni Technology Council (BATC) produces first class events and programs to help Babson alumni and the greater Babson community understand and anticipate how technology impacts business in the 21st Century. The BATC provides unparalleled exposure to technology leaders and offers effective networking opportunities.

About the BATC
  • Founded in 2003 by alumni
  • Supported by the Babson Office of Alumni Relations
  • Keeps alumni, students, guests, and the Babson community at the forefront of technology and business
  • Allows reconnecting with Babson on multiple levels
  • Provides a forum to network with top executives
Stay Informed

The BATC Listserv e-mail distribution system enables subscribers to communicate exclusively with other BATC members and receive e-mail communications about upcoming events. Only information relevant to the BATC is sent through the Listserv.

Signing up to receive messages through the BATC Listserv enables subscribers to stay informed about BATC activities. To learn more about upcoming BATC networking and educational events, and communicate with subscribed Babson alumni on relevant technology issues.

To get more information click here.


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